Later July 2010 Observations and Thoughts

Two Collisions  Going home from work Saturday evening, I saw two collisions between a bike and  a vehicle.  In the first collision, a turning van hit a scooter carrying two young men — nothing resulted other than a glancing blow to the scooter which was snaking its way through traffic anyway.  The second collision was more interesting.  A taxi hit a police motorcycle carrying a cop and a security guard.  The security guard was knocked off the motorcycle though he didn’t fall to the ground.  The taxi sped off and the motorcycle went into quick pursuit.  The security guard was left standing and he had to run to catch with the motorcycle.  I didn’t see the result of the chase but the taxi most certainly got caught in traffic and the motorcycle caught up to him and the security guard showed up a minute later.

We are Fallen Creatures  Man is a fallen creature.  What proof do I have of this?  Many a man, I have meet, seems to have fallen a hundred feet and landed on his head.
The difference between Naturists and Nudists Here is the best way I know to explain the difference between Naturists and Nudists.  Adam and Eve, before eating the apple and  being expelled from the Garden of Eden, were Naturists.  They became Nudists after the Fall.  Naturists possess the divine attributes; Nudists have genitals, public hair, and assholes.
An English Teacher’s wish  To be able to talk about his existential angst with the students.
A thought:  Why breed?  he asks.  What do you breathe? I reply.  It is something that people always did because it was expected of them and till recently, it would have been thought selfish to think otherwise.
A prayer In China, my wife tells me, seventy eight is a big year.  If one can get through, one can live many more productive years.  I pray you make it.
What’s wrong with me?  Full of rage, I didn’t want to talk to this girl, who, was on the bus, wanted to practice her English, and meant no harm at all.  What a bastard!  And a voice in my head was telling me I was being so as I was doing it.
Crickets Creeping  So loud they are in my part of Wuxi that they drown out the music playing from my phone.
Greedy Moment  I had a pleasant minute with Tony before I had to go to work.  I sat on the bed and he snuggled up to me.  Unfortunately, I could only reflect on how the moment was too short and how I wished it could last much longer.  I suppose I have an inability to enjoy the finer things in life.

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An English Teacher in Wuxi, China. Married to a local girl. Father of a boy born August 23, 2007.
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