Monday Meanderings

Early into my long bus trip to work yesterday morning, I noticed an intersection that was manned by security types at all four corners — the guards all had yellow flags bearing writing probably telling everyone to obey traffic rules.  
Continuing on this monumental daily trek, it struck me how there were just so many policemen and security guards at every intersection.
Fire Department
I don’t know it it is just me, but when I see the local fire trucks in action, I can’t help but think they are as loud as banshees but slow as molasses.  I swear an electric bike could overtake them on the way to a fire.
My Return Trip Home
I saw these things while on the bus last night:
  • A women washing her hands in a puddle on the street.
  • Two men clutching onto to each other as they shared a seat on the bus — the relationship between them being platonic, probably, since friendship between males in China does involve a physical proximity that Western men would abhor.
  • A bike,  laying on its’ side, its’ lights still on, in the aftermath of a collision.  Two cyclists gesticulating and pointing at each other.  The bus moved on before I saw the resolution.
Being stared at
When they stare at me, I look at their shoes to see their social status — the harder the stares, the lower the status.
Free Bus Ride!
The Bus debit card reader wasn’t working on the bus last night — the driver waved the card bearers onto the bus.
Or Observation?  Practically, the instant after you think everything is all right, it isn’t.  Something knocks you off the rails so that you quickly realize the the groove you were in was nothing but the most naive of presumption.  One, even in one’s calm moments, must never let one’s guard down.  For it is then that the evil one pounces.
Dire predictions to give us living in China pause.
Two Great Blogs
Courtesy D&N, a great blog written by a sensible Brit, I got the above link.
Another blog that you must read is of course Seablogger, its’ author is knowledgeable and interesting on a wide manner of topics including poetry, culture, climate and volcanoes.  His battle against a terminal illness is inspirational as well.  I am proud to be a rare reader of Fresh Bilge.
A Wuxi Dodger
The Brooklyn Dodgers baseball team, now based in Los Angeles, got its’ nickname from the fact that its’ fans had to dodge tram cars to get to the stadium.
I should call myself a Wuxi Dodger.  On rainy days, I have to dodge huge puddles. 
Darn!  The lack of drainage!
I am not talking about my son Tony, though if I wanted to, I could do a blog called Tony’s Disobedience that would never be lacking for daily content.
At the intersection near my school, I saw a old lady on a bike run a green light.  The cop screamed at her for doing this but she just kept on going.  A security guard who stood at a corner opposite to that of the cop, just let her ride past.
I label a cop anyone who stands at an intersection, looks young, has a walkie-talkie, and has nice shiny looking police gear, including hat, shoes, and uniform.  Security Guards look old and dumpy — with uniforms that would all the fashion in North Korea.

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