AKIC’s Final 2009 Blog Entry. AKIC’s Wuxi Expat of 2009.

It’s Over!
On the bus ride to work (boy oh boy, was it crowded), I was thinking what to call the upcoming decade.  The Naughties end tonight at midnight bringing in the dawning of the what?
I am thinking the next ten years should be called the shiyaos.  That is, since the English language doesn’t seem to have a word to describe 10 to 19, I say we use the Chinese language in which every number between 10 and 19 starts with shi (ten in mandarin pinyin).  So the Shiyaos it should be. (Yao is pinyin for a number, among other things, I believe).
AKIC’s Western New Year’s Eve
I will spend my New Year’s Eve at home.  I work till nine tonight, and like my students I will head home and hit the hay.  I may stay up to watch CCTV’s celebration.  Going out on New Year’s Eve is such a "Me" thing to do  — best, I stay home with the wife and kids.
The AKIC Wuxi Expat of the Year
Who is it?  Is it anyone you know?  And Why? The year is not quite over with, so you will have to wait a few days for the announcement.
The guy at the DVD shop told me that the Avatar copy for sale wasn’t very good.  So, I bought District Nine instead.  I bought Pat the Postman for Tony.  I was very tempted to buy Bob the Builder, but it was a little expensive for the K family budget.
I am taking some TCM for my voice.  It tastes noxious, but a good noxious; a noxious that makes you feel like it is good for you.
More RAM
More RAM has been installed in the computer at AKIC Central Casa Kaulins branch.  I hope it helps what has been a slow computing experience for my wife at home.
Happy New Year!
Thanks to the rare readers who pay regular visits to this blog.  It has been the best year ever for visitors.  I have been getting more and more nice messages than ever before.  I hope I have angered the ones who deserve it, and pleased somebody.  This blog is a labour of love for me.  The only payoff I want is increased readership, an occaisional nice comment, and constructive criticism and chidings whenever necessary.
Thank you very much!


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