While AKIC is in Nanking, you can look at these quotes and links.

In the column linked above, George Will makes a case for not giving gifts at Christmas.  It is actually an enormous misallocation of resources causing tremendous damage to the economy.
I have to admit that I would have a hard time making a list of five. I can think of some James Joyce stories from Dubliners that would go on my list as well as one from Lu Xun. I have been reading some of the stories on the list linked above and they are all very good. And so should you.

According to Spengler, Obama’s foreign policy has two peculiar characteristics:

The first is that Obama runs his administration out of the Blackberry in his vest pocket. The second is that everything that he has done in foreign policy has failed. The result is a poignant feeling of univeral failure, with no telephone number to call (except Obama’s) to learn what to do next.

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