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Daddy Pajamas
To set up this Tony anecdote, as told to me by my lovely wife Jenny, you should know two things about my morning routine.  First, I get up much earlier than the other two thirds of the K family, who are still asleep when I leave for work.  Second, I leave my "pajamas" on the bed — with the colder temperatures, Casa K needs many layers of clothes to be easily procurable meaning every available spot to drop a t-shirt or sweat-shirt is occupied, leaving me little choice but to put my sleeping wear on the bed.
Anyway, my wife informs me that Tony, when he gets up, will point to the pajamas and say Daddy!
Going to Nanking
Living in China for over five years now, place names have become local for me and the exoticness has been lost.  Suzhou or Nanjing have taken on the localness of saying Fort Garry in Winnipeg, Minnedosa in Brandon, Abbotsford in Vancouver, and Jiangying in Wuxi.  So, to make the place seem exotic again, to give me the feeling of being a million miles away from where I normally am, I will go to Nanking tomorrow — not Nanjing.  Nanking hearkens to a time when China was on the other side of the Earth and part of the mysterious Far East.
Haircut hopefully
I will leave Casa K earlier this morning because I will go to a place on Wu Ai Road in the downtown of Wuxi where the hair-cutters have electric shears.  I am looking like a goddamn leftist — all unkempt and disheveled.
Comb your hair!
Evidence of oncoming senility, full-blown Alzheimer’s, or my becoming the absent-minded professor type?  The last few weeks, I have been taking showers and then forgetting to comb my hair.  Imagine my horror when I am just about to leave for work and look in the mirror to see dry hippie hair!

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An English Teacher in Wuxi, China. Married to a local girl. Father of a boy born August 23, 2007.
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