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Ninja Boy wrote this about Wuxi on the Wuxi Life forum:


You’re in the gayest city in China! There are more gay people in Wuxi than any other Chinese city, so your friend is in for quite a holiday !!

Just wander around the city streets at night and wait for them to approach you (they’re usually cruising the streets on electric scooters looking for customers/meet new friends.) I think the police threw them out of Chongan Temple Park as the place was getting a bit of a reputation as a gay pick-up point on summer evenings.

I should make it clear that I am NOT gay, I have a gorgeous Chinese girlfriend and she always protects me from Wuxi boys. Without her, it quite usual in this city to be asked by Wuxi boys if you want a massage, go for a drink, to a hotel, or hang out somewhere.

Most Wuxi people don’t know, but I heard somewhere that their city is actually home to 11 gay bars. I was even stopped one evening and asked by a bunch of blokes into the whole cosplay thing if I wanted to go to a boy-only KTTV! I gave them a two word reply – the second word was "off!."

I always thought that there a lot of gay people in Wuxi.  That is why the KoW has been here for so many years.  It also explains the fetish for erecting as many tall buildings as possible here and the urge to build subway stations.  And so I find it hard to believe that there are only 11 gay bars in Wuxi.  I be more surprised to learn that there 11 straight pubs here…..

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