Friday Randoms

  • For me it is Tuesday.
  • I stubbed my toe Wednesday afternoon.  It still hurts now and I am still limping around.  With my eyes going, and now this, I am feeling old.
  • I did an English Corner about Wuxi buildings.  The students had a lot to say and their opinions greatly differed.  For example, many are divided on whether or not the moresky360 looks good.  The Protestant Church near our school was praised a lot.  I also heard very clashing opinions on the new Wuxi museum at Taihu Square.  One student said it was without character.  Another said it was the best building in Wuxi.  I will have to check that place out.
  • Thursday morning, it literally rained buckets outside.  Thank God, I made it to work before the rain became torrential.
  • Most of the students told me that they were happy to not have brothers or sisters.
  • I am starting to think that Tony hasn’t gone through his terrible two’s phase, yet.  Lately, he has been throwing incredible fits if he doesn’t get something.  As well, his love of playing with faucets and fridges knows no bounds.
  • Look at my photos on twitpic.
  • My wife made this sandwich with cheese and shrimp that tastes absolutely delicious.
  • One conservative reviewer says Bruno is better that Borat.
  • While on the bus  to work yesterday morning, I saw three depressing sights:  A man defecating, squat-style, having a cigarette under the tree; a public act of urination, and a man on motorcycle just after he was hit by a car.  The man thankfully wasn’t killed but he was struggling to get up while picking up the broken pieces of his bike.  The car driver making a left turn was at fault in the collision.  I sometimes wonder if many drivers here are short-sighted.  They do things without looking but with a strange kind of faith.
  • I was listening to these podcasts of the G. Gordon Liddy show and Shire Network News which had Canadian themes.  For the Canadian, like me, who has been away from Canada for a long time (coming on five years now), it was refreshing to hear Gordon Lightfoot singing "Alberta Bound" on a show during which was an exposition of the Canadian Health care System.  Also, they played Glen Gould – the greatest musician Canada has ever produced.  Shire Network News, podcast #166 featured a tribute to Canada from a Kiwi who understands why Canada Day is best called Dominion Day.  Canadian music was also played.  I got to go back to Canada no matter how stupid it has become.
  • The G. Gordon Liddy podcast also lead me to watch Kraftwerk videos (an exposition on the German Health Care System) on, of which there are many including many live videos.  Four guys standing at keyboards look rather strange and static for a pop concert.  So I tapped in Beatles in the Youku search engine and came upon a film about the Beatles concert at Shea Stadium.  It comes with an introduction from Arthur Fieldler who says he loves the Beatles.  When I have spare time, I will be watching the video today.
  • I was at the Blue Bar for a short time last night.  I was watching some cricket on the tele.  From what I could see, Australia was beating England.  Somewhere on the Internet is a great article comparing Baseball and Cricket written by someone who loves both sports.  One big difference in the games apparently is the centrality of the pitcher and batter.  In baseball, the pitcher is central.  He must keep mowing down batters.  If he screws up, the game is over for him.  In cricket, the batter has to keep producing runs.  As soon as he stops, it is game over for him.
  • I would be following baseball more closely but I hate the abomination of the wild card.  Pennant Races are must more interesting than looking at the standings to see who has sown up playoff spots.

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