Masa’s Kitchen. Don’t mess with my wife, especially when it comes to Tony.

Tuesday afternoon, the Family K, the first family of Akicistan went to Masa’s Kitchen.  Here is Herr Kaulins’s review of it in bullet form:
  • The first thing that strikes you about Masa’s is the decor.  It is very nice.  The chairs struck me as being elaborately decorated.  I was thinking rococo because I remember seeing such stuff in Kenneth Clark’s Civilisation and boy,was it fancy.  A little bit too much detail for my taste but you had to admire the craftsmanship.  Although the chairs in Masa’s were most certainly carved by someone using a CNC machine.  But whatever.  The decor of the restaurant was nice.  The place was brightly lit and offered a great view of the downtown Wuxi skyline.  I would love to go there at night.
  • On the walls were some photos of some foreigners I had never seen in Wuxi.  Some of them looked like people who were stuck in the siege of Stalingrad.  I don’t why I say this but the thought just came to mind when I looked at the photos.
  • I never used the bathroom so I have no comments to make about it.  I held off till I got home.
  • I had the curry chicken set.  The dish was cooked Chinese style.  I was hungry so I ate it.  And I feel okay now six hours after the experience. 
  • I am sure the cool, sophisticated, urbane Wuxi Expat types would poo-poo the place for lack of authenticity.  But I would go back regardless.
  • The service was fine.  One of the girls working there indulged Tony by assisting as him with his letting-faucets-run phase that he is in.
  • The restaurant had a game set involving disks and slots that kept Tony from wanting to run away.  In fact, when it was time for the Family K to leave, Boy Tony threw a fit, so fascinated with the disks and slots was he.


Don’t mess with Mrs. Kaulins.  If you do something to my mother, I will kick your ass.  If you mess with Tony, then you will have to deal with my wife – I pity you, if you do.  Monday afternoon at McDonald’s playground, the McDonald’s near my school that is, somebody’s kid gave Tony a bleeding lip.  My wife freaked because of another time when Tony cutting his lip resulted in him spending a few days at the hospital.  Monday, Jenny had the parent of the  child responsible for Tony’s cut follow her to the hospital and pay for the antibiotics.  Thankfully for all involved, the medicine didn’t cost much.

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