Tony rolls off the bed… Video of Yanqiao


Tony being irritable is rolling and squirming in a area that would be 100 square meters if he were adult-sized.  So it is no surprise that he rolled off the bed at two in the morning.  We are learning to take his accidents in stride.  All we can do as parents is minimize them as his curiosity and lack of awareness of the dangers he puts himself in is infinite.

You can go to my other blog to see photos of Yanqiao, a suburb of Wuxi.  You can go below to see video.

It is Tuesday which means I take the electric bike to work.  But it looks like rain….
Stay tuned to this blog as I make a major announcement of the KoW’s plans for the Olympics.
The Toys R Us will have a children’s play area open next to it starting in August.  This new place, which I saw yesterday, looked to be a great place for Tony to do a wander. 
Tony loves Toys that are on sale because he can grab at the sale sign.

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