My Winnipeg? The KoW’s Winnipeg actually.


His majesty, the King of Wuxi Expatdom grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, the city of cold winters, mosquitos, my Aunt Ritma, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and memories of the Winnipeg Jets hockey team.  I spent seven years there myself to get out of small town Brandon, Manitoba (where my parents still live).

As much abuse as Winnipeg gets from other Canadians, Winterpeg can always have Brandon to look down on.  Be that as it may, if I grew up in China, both those cities or towns, even in this dumb modern age, would be paradises.  I can hardly wait till I can take Jenny and Tony there next year.

It was with great curiosity, after reading a Camila Pagila column on Slate, that I clicked on a link for a movie called My Winnipeg.  I want to see this film though I think the chances of it making it to Wuxi DVD shops are minimal.

The photo from the film above brings back a lot of memories.  It had to have been taken on the Red River in Winnipeg.

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