Snow. The Toner makes history.

  • Word is another big dump of snow is coming on Friday.
  • Tony made history today at KFC.  He sat in a high chair for the first time.  Here he is with his proud mother.

  • Of course I took video of this to put on youtube.
  • Here are pictures of snow on the tops of buildings in the Wuxi New District.

  • Why was I in the WND? you ask.  I had the honor of being able to visit the King of Wuxi and his consort Steph.  Here she is below with the Toner.

  • I think she looks very good in that photo.  By the way, she does a good job helping expats find homes in Wuxi.  You can see her web site here.
  • Here is a controversial photo for you. 

  • I suppose it is okay to show babies without their pants on.
  • The final four in the U.S. presidential election disappoint me to no end.  You have John McLame, Hilarious, Obamanation and Mitt Rommel.  Of the bunch, I have to hope for Mitt.  But it looks like McLame will take it.  I still can’t understand why Rudy G didn’t take it.  He had the best policies of any of the serious contenders for the presidency.  If McCain wins, there will be no talk of policy.  It will the old man against the women or the youngster.  F***ing pathetic. 

Wuxi Snow #2


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