The water stinks and so does ice hockey.

The news is all over Wuxi now:  the tap water smells awful.  The water in Wuxi comes from shallow and polluted Lake Taihu, and they say there is no inexpensive way to clean the Lake.

Justin, at school, who I had originally complained to about the water, came to me yesterday to complain about the tap water at the school.   "The water smells like shit!!" he said.

This morning, the wife asked me to buy some bottled water from the nearby supermarket.  Doing my duty, I went but I saw all the bottled water in the supermarket and in the nearby convenience stores had been sold out.

The wife told me that the bad smelling water had been reported on CCTV9, the English TV channel here.  CCTV9 said the smell was caused by seaweed in the lake.

Stanley Cup Final

Ottawa making the Stanley Cup Final has put me in a pessimistic mood, hockey wise.  I am thinking that if the Senators (that nickname makes me cringe!!) win the Cup, I will give up on the sport of ice hockey.  I won’t want my son Tony to have anything to do with the sport.  I hope he becomes an all-American type Linebacker.  (I don’t want him becoming a right handed power hitter because alas baseball with its dark tops and wild-card has declined as a sport)

Now that I think of it, the game of hockey has declined since the famous 1972 USSR-Canada hockey summit.  Though, Canada may have won the series, we all now look like Communists, everyone forced to wear helmets and all goalies wearing a Tretiak bird-cage to protect their heads.   Guy Lafleur’s career took off after he took off his helmet.  Could you imagine Bobby Orr, Maurice Richard, Phil Esposito and Gordie Howe wearing helmets?  They would look emasculated if they did.  And what goalies were cooler looking than Ken Dryden, Tony Esposito and Gerry Cheevers in the 1970s?  Now for whatever reason their aesthetic is now only used by silent mentally deranged killers in Jason and other slasher movies.   Now,  you see goalies and you don’t see the net they are supposed to protect – so bloated has their equipment become.

Back to the final, the Ducks did win the first game but their performance was unimpressive.  The Senators will probably dominate the rest of the series and the civil servants, paper-pushers, bureaucrats, red-tapers, social workers, government commission members, Shawinigan country club members, Bombardier shareholders, patronage beneficiaries and Socialists of the world will celebrate.  Not a good thing for humanity whatsoever.

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