Photos of Water and Traffic. And a video too!

Here is a photo of what concerns every Wuxi resident these days: water.  This is a photo of the water machine we have in our current apartment.  There is enough water in the big bottle to last us one week, usually, but with bad water in Wuxi we will be using the water for washing dishes.  I started to complain about the water last week but many others have not seemed to notice till yesterday and today.  In WuxiLife, there is a multi page forum about it.  The brave expats say they will drink nothing but beer during the crisis.  I have no photos to show you of what is happening on the streets with the water shortage, yet.  I have seen people selling, buying and carrying water all today. Tomorrow, I imagine, I will have plenty of photo opportunities.

I did take photos of traffic, and a video.  Though these photos are not about the Wuxi water crisis, they do in a way explain why there is one.


So many people. 

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