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The wife and I wandered about Wuxi.

Monday afternoon, the wife and I wandered about downtown Wuxi.  I took a bunch of pictures. We went to the Post Office to send a package to my parents in Canada. (*Mom, Dad:  We sent you some souvenirs, clothes, a … Continue reading

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Breakfast with the Drummonds. Tour of New Town. Lucy’s Wedding Party.

It was my privilege to have breakfast with the King of Wuxi and his consort.  Here is a picture of the King telling us how he will make the lives of his Wuxi Expat subjects better. We had breakfast at … Continue reading

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A Western tradition in Wuxi: the bachelor party.

Like Christmas, another Western tradition is coming to Wuxi: the bachelor party.  At a bachelor party, the male associates and friends of a man who is about to get married have a rowdy celebration to mark the last days of the groom’s … Continue reading

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It rained last night.  Actually, we had thunderstorms. (see this video)  So today, Wuxi is soaked.  It does not look at all attractive. A bullet train goes between Wuxi and Shanghai?

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Fred’s bachelor party is Saturday night. Lucy has a wedding party on Sunday.

Fred, who is getting married March 31, is having his bachelor party tomorrow night.  Here are some photos from previous Wuxi expat bachelor parties: The next day (Sunday), I have a wedding party to go.  Lucy, a student at HyLite … Continue reading

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Bad News.

I have just received an email from my cousin Gundega, who lives in Winnipeg, Canada.  She tells me that my uncle and godfather Charlie has had a serious stroke.  My thoughts go out to my aunt Edith and cousin Zinta.

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More about Yesterday. Three more videos.

Here is a video of what I see every time I look out my front window in the morning. This kindergarten plays Auld Lang Syne at 800 AM everyday. The band I heard yesterday was actually playing at the opening … Continue reading

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