Ivy and Fred’s Wedding

As always, AKIC tries to give readers content they can get no where else on the web.  I am proud to be the first place on the Internet, you can view pictures from Ivy and Fred’s wedding.

Here is AKIC with the bride and groom.

Here is the King of Wuxi and his consort.

Here is the consort of the King of Wuxi with the better half of AKIC.

The King of Wuxi sitting next to the biggest third of WuxiLife suggests a detente in Danish-Canadian relations which have been strained recently due to Danish resentment of the King of Wuxi’s glorious liberation of Hans Island.

Here is the better half of AKIC with Ivy the beautiful groom.

The wedding was held at the Kapok Hotel on Yun He west road.  The Kapok is not too far from Xihui park.  Yun He road runs along the Grand Canal.  Look out from the Kopak main entrance and you can see boat traffic.   For me, the Kopak is yet another Wuxi hotel that has a banquet room for weddings. 

Ivy and Fred’s wedding was the standard no-frills Chinese wedding.  You had your opening ceremony.  Everybody started to eat.  The Bride and Groom circulated among the tables.  The Chinese all left.  The foreigners stayed for an hour longer.  Fred making a speech in mandarin which I could understand was the highlight of the day for me.  It was also nice to meet his parents from Portland, Oregon, USA who read AKIC on a regular basis.

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An English Teacher in Wuxi, China. Married to a local girl. Father of a boy born August 23, 2007.
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  1. Paul Rudkin says:

    Andy, great blog and congrats to Fred and Ivy!   I have only just stumbled accross your blog and enjoy the dailey updates.   I too married a Wuxi girl back in 2001 so I can relate to your experiences!   Some of our wedding photos can be found at http://www.thegithouse.com/photos/China%20Wedding/index.html, these were before Photoshop became widely used!I am back in the UK now with my wife, in fact my Mother-In-Law arrived in the UK for the very first time last night!   A great adventure.Take carePaul

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