Double Decker Bus. Wu Ai road rush hour video.

Jenny claims she can feel the baby moving.  I would have thought that at 3 and one half months of pregnancy that it is too soon for this to happen.  But there definitely is a bulge in her belly.

I watched 300 on DVD last night.  An awesome movie.  The copy for sale now in Wuxi looks to have been filmed in a theatre, the sound is bad and all the subtitles are wrong (even the Chinese my wife told me), but these are minor complaints.

We have another female trainer coming to HyLite.  Miriam will join us sometime in April.

The King of Wuxi has secured sponsorship for Wuxi Softball from the Blue Marlin, a western style restaurant near the Wuxi Baseball Stadium.  This means that we can play for free!!!  Though we must use our savings for beer at the Blue Marlin.

Yesterday, I inadvertently took what had previously been an elusive photo of a double decker bus.  I actually wanted to take a picture showing supper time rush hour traffic at the intersection of Wu Ai and Renmin roads.  Looking at the photo later, I realized I had taken the perfect photo of a double decker.

In fact, I took two pictures of it. That is my wife standing in the right hand side of the photo below.

In the first photo, the lineup of bicycles and scooters waiting for a green light was very long.  There were probably two hundred or so bikes behind the ones in the photo.  Thankfully, I did take a video of this.

Because the double deckers are not air-conditioned, it costs only 1 rmb to ride them.  The normal looking air-conditioned bus fare is 2 rmb.

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An English Teacher in Wuxi, China. Married to a local girl. Father of a boy born August 23, 2007.
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