What has living in China done to me?

There was an interesting discussion on WuxiLife today.  The question was raised whether living in China makes one a better or worse person.   There was one certain person taking the moral high ground and trying to have it both ways.  But that is what these discussions always seem to boil down to: don’t dare say any culture is better than any other; it is okay to insult America and take a potshot at Bush; but other than that anyone who thinks any culture is worse than any other is evil. 

I would say this time in history, China is good for me.  China has adopted Capitalism American Style.  My status is high; I don’t live the average life of most Chinese.  I am happy I am coming here from a North American perspective.  If it has changed me for the better, it is hard to say.  I am still the same old person but in different circumstances than before.

 I have adapted, for instance, to the way traffic is here.  I can’t help but think that some of what the drivers do here is indefensible by any moral standards.  I witnessed a gridlock this morning that a simple knowledge of what to do in uncontrolled intersections  would have resolved efficiently.  

But it comes down often to time and circumstances as to what places do to you.  I know that thirty, forty years ago, this would have been a terrible place to live and it would have made many people the worse for it.  What was going on then was plain wrong.  No way you could plead moral equivalence.  I say the people of China, like most people in the world are nice, but they deserved to be punched in the head for how they drive and what they do in lineups.

Anyway, I have a niece.  Here is what Steph look like.

I also have a nephew.  Here is Kyle:

These kids can beat the shit out of me.  Thank God I am here for now.

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