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A week off.  Yes Indeed!  I hope to make the most of it.  Having moved to the new apartment, I won’t need to do any traveling this week.  Any neighborhood in China has lots to see.

This morning, I went to my local KFC for breakfast (it is next to the Super 8 Hotel).  Egg Sausage Burgers are on their menu, but this morning: mei you!!  (not have).  So, I had their breakfast wrap instead.  It was delicious but small in size – three bites and the wrap was consumed.

I do not, as yet, know the exact time it takes to go from work to home and back.  I am thinking it is about 25 minutes.  My walks so far have been interrupted by stops at the DVD shop (where I met the King and one thing lead to another) and KFC.

Now, I live closer to Ronnie’s than the Blue Bar.

One Year ago in AKIC

One Year ago today,  I was excited about my trip to Nanjing.  I also complained about my new (now old) apartment:

September 30, 2005 AKIC Blog Entry

My, how things have changed.

The above picture was taken at the Sun Yat Sen Memorial in Nanjing during the 2005 Golden Week Holiday.

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