I have moved.

I moved yesterday.  Here in no particular order are things I have to say about it:

  • The movers were one hour late.  But they were fast when they came. A truck and four guys who can carry hundreds of pounds on their back.
  • The old landlord is a bitch.  She won’t give us our security deposit back.  The reason being not that we wrecked the apartment but that we moved out on the 28th instead of the 27th as the contract stated.  We told her last week that we were moving on the 28th and she was okay with it then.  The only recourse we now have is to not pay the outstanding bills (phone and cable) and not give her the keys back (She will have to pay out of the deposit to change the locks).  A cheap and petty way to cheat a foreigner out of money!  That She had no intention of giving us back the deposit was probably why she invoked the clause on us. 
  • Moving into a new apartment in China, an ex-pat has to learn to adjust to each place’s idiosyncrasies.  For example, the shower I first used this morning was meant for someone shorter.  I have a shower-in-the-tub setup and it seemed to me that I had to bend down more than normal to use the tap.
  • I am closer to a KFC than McDonald’s, and to a Buddies than a Kedi.  There is a Champ D’elysees bakery on my street.  There is a restaurant named Ri….. something or other which I will call Regurgitate from now on.  My apartment overlooks a kindergarten.
  • Thank god, next week is a holiday.  It will take me a few days to get the apartment in order and become used to the new neighborhood (I like the neighborhood).
  • The #81 bus which I took to work this morning goes down Zhongshan Road.
  • I have four plastic tubs full of DVDs.
  • The beds in 90602 (building 90,apartemtn 602) are both very comfortable.  Much more comfortable than in the place we rented from the Bitch.

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An English Teacher in Wuxi, China. Married to a local girl. Father of a boy born August 23, 2007.
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