Apartment Found!!!! Saturday Night Stag. An English map of Wuxi.

Actually the apartment was seen on Monday, September 25, 2006.  Sunday, the decision was made to take the six floor walkup, two bedroom apartment in an area near Bolters Restaurant and the Meng Zhi Dao electronics market.  It is further from work for me, but as it was, I was living too close – one minute walk to work.  I do like the idea of a commute to work with thinking time.  I do like walking through the streets of Wuxi – always something to see.  Here are some photos of the place I will move into September 28, 2006:


The apartment is clean, spacious and well-equipped.  There is a desk I can work on.  There is a comfortable couch in the living room.  I can sleep and Mischievous can watch television.  I can read and Mischievous can watch television.  The bathroom is big like a North American bathroom.  Many thanks to Steff, from Wuxi Real Estate Consultants (link on this page) for finding the apartment. 

Steff you’re right.  The King is a s-l-o-b.

Saturday night, I went to the stag for Guy from Minnesota, USA who is going to get married October 1st.  A "dangerous" cocktail was mixed for Guy at Ronnie’s which all stag participants eventually took a sip of.  For supper, the stag gang went to the Amazon on Hubin Bar Street.  The food there was frankly overpriced.  After supper, we took Guy to European Street but the pubcrawl grinded to a quick halt as Guy was out for the count.  The Korean style baijoe that was drank at the Amazon knocked out everyone else as well.  The King complained the next day about having a royal hangover.

Speaking of the King, I had the rare privilege of being able to sit with him a the buffet of the Sheraton Amazon.  Mozart and Beethoven composing concertos, Napoleon planning a campaign, Michelangelo painting the Sistine Chapel ceiling, the King at an all-you-can-eat Buffet….  Napoleon said that an army lives on its stomach. "Well, so do civilians" retorted the King.  To be with The King at the buffet table is to see a person having his cake and all other essential food groups, and being be to eat it all too.  After seeing the King devour food in tremendous quantities with grace and efficiency, I realize that I was with the genius who could combine megalomaniacal gigantism with grace, and make true art – a feat that monarchs and dictators have till now failed to do.

One American understood and appreciated the point of my diatribe from last week.

Sunday and monday, I have accompanied Mischievous as she looked at rings. 

I bought an English Wuxi map from the concierge at the Sheraton (5 rmb).   Looking over the map later, I came across the Xishan Dumb million’s Hospital in the Chong’an District!  Surely, this is a misprint or mistranslation.

Here is what you will be facing if you buy railway tickets in the next week:

I will live close to Peter Nordlund, whose apartment building loams over the end of Mianhua Xiang.  As can be seen in this photo taken on Mianhua Xiang:

Here is the view that you can get from his apartment:

Sunday afternoon was spent at his apartment with Prince Tommy and Christy Angel.  Christy is a very outgoing little girl.  Tommy is a shy little boy.

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