And for lunch today….

It is a hot one out there in Wuxi today.  Boy, let me tell ya.  So for lunch, I don’t go far.  I go to the nearby 7 + 7 and get fruit and peanuts.
How hot is it today?  Being in the direct sun feels like being in a furnace.
I am continually adding to my list of people who should be shot.  But seeing how Saddam wants to be shot because it is somehow honourable, all these people on my to-be-shot list will be transferred to a to-be-hung list.  Anyway, who should be hung?  Those who use electronic dictionaries in class.  Like the time when a child has to throw away the training wheels when learning to ride a bicycle, there is a time when students should throw away those contemptible and useless gadgets.  Training wheels will, to begin, keep you balanced and upright.  But with more bicycling experience, the training wheels will slow you down.  That’s the way it is with electronic dictionaries, they are a cowardly way to stay safe, and to never learn or improve your english.  From now on, I see students using them in my presence, I should confiscate them.
It was Nikky’s last day at HyLite yesterday.  In September, she will be moving to Winnipeg, Canada to go to school.  Good Luck Nikky!!!!  Please keep updated on your activities in Canada with your blog (you can find the link for it on this page).
I have posted two pictures showing the progress of work on the new park next door to our school.  As you will see, they have laid some sod.

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