My days off.

Saturday night, I went to party at Luiz and Kelson’s.  It was the first real shaker of a house party that I have been to China.  Luiz and Kelson had a very nice apartment, and they were great hosts.  Many Nationalities were at this party:  Danes, the French, Germans, the Chinese, Canadians, the Australians, Russians, Americans, the English, Italians, Kiwis, South Africans, and the Brazilians.
Sunday, the Blues had two games.  On the Bright side, we have improved.  The mercy rule was not invoked on us during our game against WuxiLife.  Sheila, one of our student players, was able to hit the ball to the outfield for a single.  Roger and Tim recorded their first put outs on the field.  Darren showed himself to have quite the wing – too bad he had to attend a Chinese wedding before the game.  Unfortunately, bad feelings were created which I won’t bother reporting about – if you are curious about this go to the Wuxi Life website:
I won’t add fuel to that fire.  But I will say this: what needed to be said was said.  The WSL is a work in progress, and hopefully what happened this past weekend won’t kill the league for next year.  The fun got lost for a while.
Sunday night, I went on a DVD buying frenzy.   I bought many including:  Hitler and Speer, Helen of Troy, Hostel, Motorhome Massacre, The Big Lebowski, and The Producers.  The most interesting of the bunch is the Hitler and Speer miniseries – it looks to be done by the Germans, it takes a critical look at Albert Speer activities during the Third Riech, it mixes actual footage of the time with acted sequences, and it had interviews with Speer’s relatives and associates.  Motorhome Massacre I watched at 8x fast forward speed: the film was so predictable and the acting was so horrible that even at 20 minutes(8x) it still was torture to watch.  Hostel was gruesome.
Monday, I went shopping at Carrefour.  On the way home, I saw three or four policeman wrestling some man to the ground.  A woman was screaming nearby.  One hundred to two hundred onlookers quickly surrounded the scene so I could not see anymore.  That I caught a bit of the scene, before the crowd rushed close to get a ringside view, was fortunate timing on my part. 
I got a haircut yesterday.  The razor the stylist used on me was dying due to lack of recharging or battery power.
Monday evening, I went to Oufenjie, also known as European street.  I had barbecue at one of the alleyway snack malls.  I have never had BBQed Cauliflower before.  I went to the Xinjiang Restaurant.  I had a long noodle dish (drew noodle on the menu) with mutton for the first time.  It was like slurping down spaghetti with an excellent sauce.  One criticism I have make of the place: forget about ordering the Fruit Salad, nice as it is, it takes too damm long to make.  I always seem to be waiting ten minutes for it.

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  1. tim says:

    We did our best to play the game, and enjoyed the game. but rule was broken by organiser.this was out of our image.

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