V is for Vendetta.

Not much to report today.  The weather is cloudy and overcast.  I am still months away from finishing Atlas Shrugged. 
I did watch a DVD last night  entitled "V" is for Vendetta.  It is some movie that just came out recently.  It is really against my instincts to buy such a film but every once in a while you have watch something different.  Anyway, I should have listened to my instincts.  At the start of the movie, I saw the logo for some famous comic publisher appear.  Just what I wanted to see: a movie based on a comic book.  I cannot say I have ever seen a  based-on-a-comic-book movie that I have liked.  The Batman, Spiderman, and X-Men movies I have seen,  while being slick, frankly bore me.  I feel afterwards like I have been stuck in a dark, dank alleyway for two to three and half hours.  I will never forget a time  I overheard a wise old-timer admonish some youngster, who said something naive and foolish, by telling the boy to stop reading comic books.  I like to think that is something in that incident to say why comic book movies are a big turn off for me.  Anyway, the hero in "V is for Vendetta", wearing a Guy Fawkes mask, single-handedly overturns a facist British government sometime in the nary-fairy-future.  Whatever…..

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