The Shack. Upcoming Wuxi Blues games

Here is a picture taken in the Shack, a six-seater pub not too far from Carrefour.  I went there last night with Shawn the New Yorker, Steve the Eastern Washingtonian Stater,  Garth the Winnipegian, and Tom the South Hamptonite.  Beer was 15 rmb a bottle, though it was warm.  There were no staff harassing you to buy them beer.
I would call myself Andis the Diasporic Canadian, seeing how I never stayed long enough in any place to call it home.
Here are the times and opponents for the Wuxi Blues this Sunday, May the 28th:
1515 Wuxilife vs Blues
1700 Wings vs Blues
Come on Blues!!  Let’s go out and spank some bottoms! Sorry, I mean let’s go out and have some fun……..  Wholesome fun that is!  Although, there wil be some blood feuds and ancient scores that will have to be settled. 
We had a WuxiLife editorial meeting last night.  In a week or so, you will be able to see the second issue of the magazine, and there will be a birthday party for Helena.
Gary will be getting new duvet covers for his new apartment.  A purchase that will hopefully placate the critcs of his previous duvet purchase.
Helena and Corina did not bring along their pajamas on their journey to where ever it was they went to last week.
Visit Christina’s blog:   She is one of the finest looking women in China.  Christina was profiled in this blog a few months back when I was having a staff-profile-on-my-blog fetish.

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An English Teacher in Wuxi, China. Married to a local girl. Father of a boy born August 23, 2007.
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  1. tim says:

    who is Christina? I am not sure we can get enough guys to take part in the baseball game in sunday.

  2. jimo129 says:

    when  will the  next WUXI LIFE magazine published?

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