A tour of our new deck with Luis. Lucy’s and Nikky’s proudest moment. His majesty is sick.

HyLite’s new deck was officially completed today.  I have posted photos of the tour that Luis, one of our fine trainers, provided us.  As you can see, the deck (or patio) is a great place to relax, and the deck provides an awe-inspiring view of downtown Wuxi (including Zhongshan Road and the infamous Star-Hollywood misspelt sign).
Lucy, my former Chinese teacher, achieved one of her life’s proudest moments, she told me, when she found out she had passed all three of the education exams she had just recently written and had been studying for all these past few months.  Nikky, on the other hand, when questioned about her proudest moments in tonight’s "SPC on the deck" had nothing to report.  One of the students reported being proud to be KFC’s employee of the month one time.  Another reported being proud to have achieved the highest marks in math in his high school class, which reminded me that I had done such a thing myself all those years ago.  It did not do me much good anyway…..
The weather now in Wuxi?  Hot and muggy.  Today was the first day this year I have seen the air conditioners on in the classrooms.
The security personnel who guard cash transfers to banks look like insurgents.  I was leaving the three DVD shop alleyway near the Ramada when I came apond a man dressed in military fatigues, camoflague t-shirt, flak jacket, and PLA helmet (that looked to have been purchased at a military surplus shop).  He was porting a pump-action shot gun.  I have seen others of this ilk porting automatic rifles.  Apparently, the army is contracted by banks to do security like this since only the PLA can carry fire arms in China.  The man I saw today did not look like regular army.  He did not look to be dressed militarily but paramilitarily.
Bugs are coming back to my apartment.  I had a inch long beetle hanging out in my living room last night.
Andy has a cold.  How could it be?  I thought he was above that sort of thing.  Be that as it may, get well soon Buddy!!!  Love should live the King!!!!

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An English Teacher in Wuxi, China. Married to a local girl. Father of a boy born August 23, 2007.
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3 Responses to A tour of our new deck with Luis. Lucy’s and Nikky’s proudest moment. His majesty is sick.

  1. Nikky says:

      I was so happy in tonight’s SPC. The deck is very good, I think.
      Good night!! 

  2. tim says:

    I was glad to saw Helena again in tonight. Nikky have gotten little crazy when you admitted you are her second father. maybe she like you than her father.

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