Seahawks! Canadian Election Results. Wabbit season in Wuxi. Our annual CNY dinner.

The Seahawks are in the Super Bowl!  I can claim an emotional attachment to the team having driven from Abbotsford by myself to watch them when they wanted to run first Holmgrem and then Hasselback out of town.  Holmgrem displayed real leadership to having the guts to stick with his chosen quarterback when all the impatient know-nothings would have had him prematurely abandon his course….  They are in the Superbowl, and Holmgrem has vindication.
The Canadian elections results are coming in as I speak.  The Conservatives have the most seats and the most votes.  I assume they will form a minority government.   I notice Ontario still for the most part voted Liberal.  The NDP have gotten  more seats and votes than they deserve.  
As a conservative, I am disappointed by the Canadian election results.  Ontarians proved themselves to be fucking idiots.  How can they re-elect Belinda Stronich?  How could they give so many seats to the Liberals?  The Conservatives may have won but the general Canadian population proved it can still be bribed with its own money.  Paul Martin’s typical Liberal last minute bribery tactics made for a strong Liberal showing.
Three days of cold crisp weather in Wuxi – very welcome after last week’s constant rain.
It must be Wabbit season in Wuxi.  Larry was looking like Elmer Fudd wearing his leather cap.
Saturday night there was a gang fight at Virus Night Club.   I have heard it been said that Wuxi has gangsters and you can see them in the private rooms of Night Clubs.  Anyway, two rival gangs attacked each other with broken wine bottles and the Virus management was forced to shut the club at 10 pm on a saturday night.  This is the reason that another nightclub BabyFace was so crowded when I went there.
We had our School’s CNY dinner on saturday night.  Refer to Mark’s blog for a detailed account of the events that transpired.  All I can say for myself is that I lost at Musical Chairs, I gambeied every table, didn’t get sick, and felt melancholy about the whole affair since, as I have said before, it was the year before that I established a relationship with Michelle.  After the banquet, I went to the Blue Bar and then to Baby Face.  I remembered having a good conversation with the owner of Wuxi’s new Greek restaurant, and trying to dance with members of the Banana Leaf dance troupe at an overcrowded Baby Face.

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