New Year’s in Wuxi. Two consecutive late nights at the Blue Bar. Helena’s parents. Go Seahawks go!

The Chinese don’t have parties on December 31st or the western New Year’s Eve.  January 1  is a public holiday for them.  But for them it is just another day.  No reason to celebrate because the calendar has to be changed.  The importance many westerners attach to January 1 is very alien to the Chinese.  I like celebrating New Year’s in China because it does put things in perspective.  Also, we as westerners get to celebrate two new year’s within a month.  I would love to embrace all the holidays and festivals of all cultures.  In Wuxi, I am able to have two times as many as in Canada.
I will go to the new Thai restaurant  in Wuxi called Banana Leaf  with a bunch of friends for supper.  Later, most of that party will go to the Blue Bar, do the countdown at midnight, and drink till four in the morning.
I have spent the last two nights at the Blue Bar.  I cannot stay in the apartment because it makes me sad.  Michelle won’t be there and won’t be there anymore.  The apartment is nice and clean because we worked together to make it better.  It hurts that it cannot longer be.
I meet Helena’s parents last night.  They are very lovely people, and they read my blog.  (You can link to Helena’s blog from this page).
Andy, Corina, Steph, Helena, Lucy, and Gerry have been very helpful to me in dealing with this heartache.  I have yet to talk with the students and my parents about it.
The Seattle Seahawks of the National Football League are about to finish their most successful regular season ever.  Entering their final 2005 regular season game, which is against Green Bay, they have a 13-2 record and home field advantage throughtout the playoffs.  Unless they pull a 116-36 Mariner LCS like debacle, they will be in the Super Bowl for the first time ever.  Living in British Columbia, I was able to attend some Seahawk games.  If you look closely at the picture of me on the Great Wall, you will see I am wearing a Seahawk sweatshirt.

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