Now what? I no longer work at Canilx. Dull and Raining.

I will carry on.  What else is there for me to do?  But it will take a while to get over it.  M’s imprint is on everything.  The apartment I live in, I moved into for her.  Plans I had, I now don’t have.  I cannot talk about it without choking up.   I have this engagement ring I am willing to sell for cheap….
I saw Michelle this morning.  She knocked on my door at nine a.m.  She gave me an envelope.  It contained the keys I had given to her for the apartment and a New Year’s card.  She did’nt say anything to me.  She gave me the envelope and left.  Waiting for the elevator, she would not look at me even when I called her.
I got drunk last night.  That is what westerners do when bad things happen to them.  Smarter Westerners will listen to Frank Sinatra like I also did last night.  Others punch people out.  That is not something I do.  Now I have something to talk about in Speaker’s Corner:  how do they deal with adversity in China?
I wonder if I should talk about what actually happened in this blog.  So many thoughts about it. 
Yes, I no longer work at Canilx.  But, I am still doing the same job in the same place.  The school will be called Hy-Lite.  The name change had to occur because the owners of the Shanghai Canilx franchises forever tarnished the name.  They went bankrupt taking all the money from the school and trying to start a bookstore chain.  Now, in this school there are workers scrapping "Canilx" off the walls and putting up "Hy-Lite". 
The weather today seems quite apt.  It is grey, dull, and rainy in keeping with my mood.

About wuxiandis

An English Teacher in Wuxi, China. Married to a local girl. Father of a boy born August 23, 2007.
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2 Responses to Now what? I no longer work at Canilx. Dull and Raining.

  1. Earth says:

    Dear Andis, I’m very sorry about your breakup. Before my current relationship I had a really bad one too – with a Shanghai girl. It took me two months to recover from the sharp pain and another year to recover from the dull pain (if that makes any sense). During that year I got all episodes of 7 seasons of Star Trek: the Next Generation and watched one a day. I hope you can find a means of comforting your broken heart. It’s a horrible thing to happen. Take care of yourself.–A fellow Canadian in China

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