Firecrackers. Michelle cleans the apartment. Sattelite TV. Give Summer a hug!

Someone was setting off firecrackers early in the morning.  They woke me up and set off a few car alarms.  Maybe a store opened.  At first, I thought I had slept through Both Solar and Lunar new years.
I came home last night to find that Michelle had cleaned my apartment during the afternoon while I was at work.  It seemed she did me a very nice favour.  But then I later noticed that she had taken all her stuff away.  That is, the shoes and clothes she had had in the apartment.  I did’nt know what to think.  However, Chinese girls are beholden to their parents.  So now that she is back in Wuxi, she lives with them.   It is all very confusing for me.  In the west, it would be taken as the end.  Here, it may be a disconcerting example of cultural differences.
Not having Michelle to go home to, I am spending more time than I had envisioned at the Blue Bar.  This time of the year seems to mean a lull in business for Stewart, the bar’s owner.  Many of the people I know got very drunk on the 24th and 25th.  They must be saving their energies for New Year’s eve.
Sattelite TV is officially forbidden in China.  However if you are important or you are Chinese, you can get it.  It is very disconcerting for my students who are not very important.  They can only get one english channel, CCTV9, which is very dull by everyone’s estimation.
Summer, a consultant at my school, has a blog.  I have added the link to my list.  Summer is tall, pretty, with long legs that never seem to end.  Go to her blog and give her a hug!!!

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An English Teacher in Wuxi, China. Married to a local girl. Father of a boy born August 23, 2007.
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  1. Zhang says:

    hello Andis~ best wishes for u and Michelle in new year~~

  2. yanshenghua says:

    nice blog, nice pics.

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