Crazy man. A mugging.

There was an interesting show at school, just after lunchhour.  A man came into a office of a sales person and would’nt leave.  They were saying he wanted to play chess with one of the female employees.  Security guards were called in and there was a bit of a stand-off as they tried to get him to leave.  The guards. older men in their mid to late forties tried to physically remove the mana couple of times, but were unsuccessful.  They eventually called in the police and they were able to get the man walk out of the building.  What will happen after this is a mystery, and there is the worry of this man trying to come back with an AK-47.
One of our female teachers got mugged thursday night.  She was going home from the pub about 130 am by herself when she was attacked by two chinese men.  One of them grabbed her by the neck from behind and the other tried to take hold of her bag.  They got her bag, which contained many valuables, but not after she had put up a fight.  She had a sore neck and bruises on her arms as a result.  This happening to foreigners is a rare thing.  Wuxi had been assumed to be safe for foreigners at any time of the day…..
Go White Sox go!

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