The living standard in my apartment improves by fifty percent. Wild Swans.

Yes, the living standard of my apartment improved tremendously yesterday evening.   How, you may ask?  Have you killed all the bugs?  Has your neighbourhood been rid of undesirables?  You now have a liquor cabinet with an extensive and comprehensive supply?  NO!!!!!  I now have a  remote control for the tv set.  Michelle’s cousin was good enough to find one for me.  It seems the previous tennants lost it.  What a bunch of morons they were!
Last night, I finished reading Wild Swans by Jung Chang.  It the recounting of the lives of three generations   women living in 20th century China.  Tremendous changes happened then  but it seemed more was gained than lost.  China, I feel, has not recovered from the blandness imposed on it by the cultural revolution.  Ironies of history: the KMT who were objectively the the bad side in the Chinese civil war were the ones who were able to bring democratic liberal society to a part of China.  And why is it that the Communists only seem to bring dictatorship and tyrants?l

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