My October holiday pictures are up!

I have put thirty two pictures up from my October holiday visits to Nanjing and Yixing.
There in pictures taken from the old city wall in Nanjing.  This was the first place we visited in Nanjing.  It was close to our hotel.   The wall made a splendid setting for a park with lakes that would have been outside the old Nanjing city limits.  We were able to actually walk the top of the wall itself.  I decided to walk on the wall all the way to the place at which we had entered the park.  We were taking a chance that would be a way to get off the wall when we got there.  And there was…  However it was an unofficial secret way of getting off the wall and back on level ground.  In fact, we first thought that there was no way to get off the wall and that we would have to walk a few miles back to where we had originally been able to ascend to the wall top.  There was a hole in the ground and we could see a tunnel.  But to get to the tunnel you would have to climb through a narrow opening and step over old lumber and jagged rock.  It did not look promising.  But there were other people at the end of the wall.  I had Michelle ask them if there was a way off the wall.  One fellow indicated that the hole was the nearest way off the wall.  So we climbed down the hole into the tunnel.  There was no light in the tunnel and the floor was dirt.  We had to use the light off a mobile phone to navigate our way.  Michelle and I breathed a sigh of relief when we finally got to the lower exit.
Other pictures were taken from this bridge built by the Chicoms in the sixties.  The Chinese took great pride in building of the bridge.  It might have been the first one over the Yangtze river.  They also did it without the help of the Soviets.  It was underneath the bridge that I posed in front of the statue of Chairman Mao.  I saw pictures of a rally held in the nearby bridge park to celebrate the opening of the bridge in which there must have been 100,000 people.  And they wonder why I like to look at bridges in China.  (At jaingyin, the best park I have been to in china is by a bridge)
Other pictures were taken at the Sun Yat-Sen memorial mauseleum and library.  A lot of people go to see this place around the october holiday.  I found the wording of a plaque where Chairman Mao honours Sun Yat-Sen to be quite interesting.  Chang Kai-Shek’s office in the old Presidential palace was one of its most crowded places.
The  pictures of  the memorial to the Nanjing massacre speak for themselves

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